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Clear Angel Chronicles Character Spotlight: Kat Anderson

This is one of the stops in the Clear Angel Chronicles November Virtual Book Tour, prepping for the launch in the second book of the series, Angel's Dance, which releases November 25th.

Psychic Clear Angel hasn’t seen or heard from her one-time lover Detective Grant Anderson since their first case wrapped up six months ago, and that is perfectly fine with her! But when he shows up on her porch in the rain and in tears, she cannot hold her ground.  No matter how she feels about Grant and her “gift”, she can’t ignore the visions already pouring in.
Grant knows that he is no good for Clear, and has respected the distance she has kept. But when his daughter goes missing and the Chicago police have no leads, he turns to Clear and her unique abilities.

This next adventure puts Grant and Clear in close quarters as they find themselves once again fighting their feelings for one another.  Thrust into the dark underworld of performance art, they strive to track down a ballerina who keeps taunting Clear in her visions.  As they delve deeper into one studio, the grisly visions that haunt Clear may be more than she can handle. Can Clear hold it together to help find Grant’s daughter before it is too late?  

Today is a character spotlight on Kat Anderson, the daughter of Grant Anderson.

Kat Anderson

Brief physical description: Kat is a lithe and fit fifteen year old girl. With dark straight hair, deep blue eyes, and a strong features, she is a perfect blending of her father and mother. 

Who would play her in a movie. You know, it is hard to say. I think that I would love to see Chloe Moretz audition. She is very talented. I try not to spend too much time thinking who would play each character, because things change so quickly in Hollywood! 

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Strengths: Kat is a patient and very grown up young woman who is good at managing the adults around her. I would hesitate to say that she is manipulative, but she does manipulate her parents. Finding ways to meet their desires while still achieving her own desires. It is a tricky tightrope, especially when they are a bit absorbed in their own problems, yet Kat manages is gracefully. 

Weaknesses: Having grown up so quickly, Kat misses out a bit on typical teenage things. Her parents divorce has left her with a bit of a hole in how relationships work. She recognizes this and avoids boys because she doesn't want to end up like her parents. 

Quirk: Kat has so many! Acting tough when she is most vulnerable is probably my favorite. As any good teenage girl, she does a fair amount of eye-rolling. Tugging on her ear when she is glossing over her feelings is another one of my favorites, but you won't see that one until the next book! 

Inspired by: Interestingly Kat's maturity and grace for her age is inspired by my dear friend Linda, which is why I thought her spotlight on Linda's blog was so perfect! Linda and I grew up together, two girls without dads and with younger siblings. We kind of took on the mother role for our own mothers, as they took on the responsibilities of being single parents. I always admired Linda's maturity and responsibility. Her patience and graceful manipulation of her sister to get her to comply. I was much more direct with my brother, and it never went well! 

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Kids' Korner: Suddenly Supernatural Books 1 & 2

Published February 10th 2009

Genre: Children's Chapter book, Fiction, Paranormal

Synopsis: School Spirit - Kat's mother is a medium and talks to spirits. Kat has never wanted to invite friends over because, undoubtedly, something weird would happen at her home. She finally finds a friend, Jac, who doesn't seem to mind. Unfortunately, Kat notices she is seeing spirits as well; specifically, she is seeing one in her school that she and Jac must help cross over.
Scaredy Kat - Kat realizes that when lots of spirits begin seeking her out for help, it can be pretty scary. She has to learn how to control her power despite and angry spirit living in the abandoned house next door. To make things worse, there is a spirit like none she had ever seen in the second floor of the abandoned house that she must figure out how to help without the angry spirit harming her or Jac. Somehow, the story of a missing boy is connected as well so Kat and Jac must figure out how to solve this mystery and save the boy.

These were both very cute stories. My 5 and 7 year old absolutely loved them! They love haunted, spooky stories so the ghosts in this one added an extra level for them and they LOVED it! :)

Author: To learn more about Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, visit her website here

Rating: **** Four Stars

Monday, August 19, 2013

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles 2) by Marissa Meyer

Hardcover454 pages
Published February 5th 2013 by Feiwel and Friends
Genre: Young Adult, Fairy Tales, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Synopsis: Cinder, the cyborg mechanic from book 1, is trying to break out of prison so she can save the world from the Lunar People. If she succeeds, she'll be the most wanted fugitive in all of the Commonwealth.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Scarlet's grandmother is mission. She runs into a streetfight named Wolf who offers to help her find her grandmother. Scarlet quickly learns there was much she didn't know about her grandmother and everything she discovers only leaves to more questions. They run into the cyborg fugitive and together they must find a way to save the world from the lunar queen before Prince Kai becomes her husband and her prisoner and she gains power over the entire Commonwealth.

This book was just as good as the first one. LOVED it!! I was sad Cinder wasn't in it as much but as I got to know Scarlet, I was no longer disappointed. I enjoyed following both their story lines and going back and forth between them in the book. So fun and such an addictive book! I didn't want to put it down. :)

Author: To learn more about Marissa Meyer, check out her website here  

Rating: **** Five Stars

Monday, August 12, 2013

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Hardcover1st Edition387 pages
Published January 3rd 2012 by Feiwel & Friends
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance

Synopsis: In a futuristic Earth, a plague ravages the people. The Lunar people watch from the moon for their chance to take over the people of earth with their powers of the mind. There is one hope of a lunar princess who may still be alive to stop the lunar queen. Of course, the odds of that are very small. Meanwhile, on earth, is a young girl named Cinder who is a Cyborg, a second class citizen who meets Prince Kai when she, being one of the best mechanics of New Beijing, repairs his robot and learns of something she should not be privy to. Soon, she finds herself in an impossible situation as she discovers information about her past and must made decisions about her future that could affect the rest of the world.

Who doesn't love a good fairy a good sci -fi.... er.... a good romance.... er... this book!  I seriously LOVED this book. It's the first of a series and I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of it. It's based off the story of Cinderella only it's much more gritty and intense than the fairy tale we are all used to. I love reading stories that are based off fairy tales, I love sci-fi and fantasy and love a clean romance. This had all of them rolled up into one book. My perfect dream book! haha! I totally recommend this book.

Author: This is Marissa Meyer's debut novel. She lives in Washington with her fiance and cats. To learn more about her, visit her website here

Rating: ***** FIVE STARS

Monday, June 10, 2013

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin

Genre: Children's Chapter Books, fiction, Fantasy, Juvenile

Synopsis: Minli, a young girl of Fruitless Mountain, dreams of a better life. Her father's stories fill her mind and she decides she must go in search of the Man in the Moon to ask him how to change her family's fortune. It's a quest that leads to many friends and magical beings but also to self discovery and heroic acts and Minli finds out a way to find the fortune she seeks.

My family loved this story. It was fun and each day we read it there was a new story. It was filled with many legends told within the main story line which was great fun for the kids and my husband but I found it confusing. haha! I give it THREE Stars! *** It was fun and I liked it but all the stories within the story were too confusing for me.

Author: To learn more about Grace Lin then visit her blog here

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Genre: Young Adult, Fiction, Paranormal, Romance

Synopsis: This is a trilogy consisting of three book, Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, and Clockwork Princess. A young woman, Tessa, crosses the ocean from America to find her brother, Nate, living in Victorian England. When she arrives she is quickly snatched up by the Dark Sisters who know of a power Tessa has but is completely ignorant of. They work for one who also wants to claim the power as their own, or as belonging to his wife. Tessa finds herself in a world she never knew existed. She also finds herself pulled between two young men whom she never would have met if she hadn't learned about this power. Meanwhile, dark forces are created an indestructible army that only her new found power can defeat. She must learn to control it before the entire world is destroyed and the love of her life disappears forever.

I really did enjoy these books. They weren't a fictional masterpiece or anything but the story was fun. I enjoyed this series more than the City of Bones series which is based in the same world but at a different time. It was fun reading about the ancestors of some of the characters also in the City of Bones books. This was a very fun read that I will give FOUR STARS **** to. :)

Author: To learn more about the author, check out her site here

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kidz Corner: Holes by Louis Sachar

Paperback233 pages
Published September 2nd 2000 by Scholastic (first published August 20th 1998)
0439244196 (ISBN13: 9780439244190)
edition language
original title

Genre: Children's chapter book, fiction, mystery

Synopsis: My children loved this story, especially my 7 year old. Of course, when we were finished, we had to watch the movie. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the movie followed he book. It's about a young man whose name is Stanley Yelnats. It's a family name so the first name is the last name spelled backwards. Stanley's family was, unfortunately, cursed by a pig farmer hundreds of years ago. Stanley endures a series of unfortunate events that lead him to a juvenile delinquent facility. There is something more going on than just to rehabilitate troubled teens. There is a secret. Enjoy reading as Stanley accidentally uncovers the secret, revealing information about his past as well.
My kids loved loved loved this book and the movie!! Such a fun read and adventure for children. I recommend this book for anyone... young or old. My kids give it FIVE STARS *****
Author: To learn more about Louis Sachar, visit his website at