Saturday, September 20, 2014

Goosebumps: Welcome to Camp Slither

Winnie Reviews
Goosebumps: Welcome to Camp Slither

Summer camp is awesome. Boone and Heather think so too. Their opinion is very different when they hear the stories. The camp is not Camp Hither, its Camp Slither! Why? Read the book and find out!
I love all Goosebumps books. I would say the series is probably for ages 8-12. I love mysteries and scary stories. My favorite part was when Nathen pulled a prank in the lake. Even I was freaking out! I totally rate this book 5 Stars.
If you own Netflix or Amazon prime, the author, R.L Stine has some movies/TV shows:
1. The Haunting Hour
2. 2nd movie of Mostly Ghostly
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Winnie's Reviews: Adventures in Raceland by AJ Loft

Summary: Vroom Vroom! Kyle and Keegan McKay love to race. But sadly they were too young to actually RACE. This all changes when they discover the door of Raceland!

Opinion: This book was sometimes hard for me to understand. Also, in some parts of the book it was boring. I like this book because it’s so funny. An example is when the group had just discovered Raceland and they were in the chill chamber. While Bobby was in, he thought he was going to end up in the middle of track 12 naked! Poor Bobby! 

I rate this book 4 stars.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Winnie's reviews: The Adventures of Loriel the Wood Fairy

Loriel is worried about Grandfairy Cyce . She hasn’t heard from her in a while. Loriel gets the news that Grandfairy Cyce has been kidnapped by a goblin! Will Loriel ever see her again?

I liked this book because I love fantasy! My favorite part was when Padra (the house mouse) thought the dragon was going to eat him. There was a problem though. Some characters' names were similar to one another and the author sometimes used the wrong names on the characters. It was a bit confusing. For this reason I rate only 3 ½ stars.

Author: The back of the book flap reads, "I have always been a reader and I loved reading to my children as well as my grandchildren. I hope that comes through in my writing. Opening children's eyes to the world of books is awesome. Seeing their eyes light up to an exciting passage is so special. Computers are wonderful but holding a book and relying on your own imagination is special and individual to each one of us."

Linda's Review: Loriel's Grandfairy Cyce has been kidnapped by smelly goblins. She must figure out a way to rescue Cyce without putting Cyce in more danger.
This is a fun little story with cute pictures. I think some of the words could be difficult for children and not easy to figure out in context. However, great opportunity to learn to work a dictionary. ;) The story moves quickly and keeps the reader engaged. Occasionally, I had to go back and reread sections because I didn't catch it well the first time. That may have been me though. Overall, I'd give this book three stars. ***
It was fun! It'll be a fun read aloud to my children this year too.

Disclaimer: This was a complimentary copy of the book given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, July 14, 2014

From Tragedy to Triumph: The Story of John Tartaglio by John Tartaglio and Andrew Chapin

Perseverance. This is a great adjective to describe John Tartaglio. When John was seventeen he developed a rare bacterial infection which led to the loss of both of his legs and his left bicep. He didn't let that stop him. Despite the negativity of his doctors, he was determined to walk across the stage at his graduation.

He continued making goals -- cycling, swimming, running. If a person with legs could do it then he was determined to find a way to do it as well. his attitude throughout all of this is completely inspirational. I felt privileged to read about something that could be so personal.

This story was amazing. I was pulled into John's life and found myself crying tears of joy when he accomplished a goal, laughing at his jokes, and cheering him on. My children and husband got to hear about the story. My six year old daughter was especially excited about it.

I recommend this book. There was some strong language in it but it didn't occur often. I give this book 4 stars. ****

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Here are some videos. If you search his name on youtube, you'll find quite a few more.

Disclaimer: This was a complimentary copy of the book given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Winnie's Review: Patches & Buttons by Jennifer Link

Summary: Buttons is a bunny who is easy to scare. Patches is a very noisy dog and scares Buttons all the time. How will these two animals learn to live together?
My Opinion: I think this book is good because it teaches an important lesson about friendship. The pictures were fun, too. My favorite part was when buttons got scared by the vacuum cleaner. I rate this book 5 stars.
My siblings Opinion: I read this book to my younger siblings. They said “ I think the animals will learn to love each other." and  "I like this book because I had never before seen a dog and bunny get along." and "My favorite part was when the bunny hid behind the towels." I think they really liked the book so thank you, Jennifer Link for letting us enjoy this book!

Author: To learn more about the author, click here

Disclaimer: This was a complimentary copy of the book given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Winnie's Reviews: The Secret at Haney Field by R.M. Clark

Can you see the shadow players? April O’ day gets hired as a bat retriever and comes to like her job. She knows everything about baseball from researching and reading. Mr. Haney owns the stadium and sets up a meeting to see April. He brings April into the stadium and sits her down and makes her look into the field. He asks her what she sees. People shaped objects are running around the bases. They're shadow players. Why are they here? What do they want?

Opinion: I like this book because it’s mysterious. Ghosts are used in a lot of books. Shadow players are one of a kind. I love the plot and how it smoothly runs. It has all the right details. Thanks for letting me read this fantastic book! FIVE stars!
Author: To learn more about the author visit this website:

Disclaimer: This was a complimentary copy of the book given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Winnie's Reviews: A Bad Case of Stripes

The bad case of stripes
Do you like lima beans? It’s the first day of school and Camila wants to look perfect.  She looks into the mirror and sees a shocking thing that can change her life forever!

I love this book because it teaches an important lesson about being yourself. My younger siblings love it, too. I recommend it to 4-8 year olds or anyone who is scared to be themselves. I rate this book 5 stars!

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This is Renee: Side note - this is also a very good book for older kids to work on sequencing or cause and effect.