Monday, May 30, 2011

Laurel Series (books 1-3) by Aprilynne Pike

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Romance

Author: She is the mother of four children and lives with her hubby and kids in Arizona. She earned her BA in creative writing in 3 years. She says that she is very lucky in that her children are very low maintenance so she is able to write even when they're awake and home. (What a blessing, right?) Her blog is here if you want more info on her.

Synopsis: These are the first three books in a four book series.
  1. Wings: This is the first book in the series about a young woman named Laurel. She was adopted by her parents when she was 3 and living a normal life when something incredibly not normal happens. Suddenly she finds herself face to face with creatures she thought were completely fictional. They've been keeping an eye on her and making sure she was safe her whole life because she was one of them. She finds herself in danger and learns that she is what is standing between the enemy and home of her kind. Does she have the ability to save this magical world?
  2. Spells: *SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T READ WINGS* Laurel spends her summer in Avalon, learning about the magics that she should have been learning her whole life. She is given the task to protect her human family and the land of her inheritance. Soon, she finds out that the trolls are back and someone knew is in town. A troll hunter named Klea. Is she what she claims to be? Has Barnes returned?
    Here is a video I found that sums up both Wings and Spells in preparation for Illusions:
  3. Illusions: *SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ WINGS AND SPELLS YET* Drama is going on between David and Tamani -- fae vs human -- when Tamani enrolls in Laurel's human high school to keep a better eye on Laurel. Tamani has been assigned as her guardian because trouble is brewing. Big trouble that is bigger than any of them could ever guess.

Review: If you loved Twilight then you'll love Wings. It was a fun, quick read. There is, of course, the cliche love triangle going on with a girl, a human boy, and a non-human boy. There are mythical creatures who are enemies of each other, magic, and your regular teenage drama. I will say that Pike's world of the fae is very original and I love the idea of it. I won't go into detail here b/c I don't want to ruin anything but I love the idea. It kept my interest... in fact, I have a huge pile of dishes I need to wash now b/c I didn't want to stop reading long enough to wash them. ;) This would be a great read for people who have small children and have to constantly stop and start or for teenagers. It's definitely not a literary work of art but it's definitely fun and entertaining. I, personally, really enjoy this kind b/c I am one of those with small children and need something that I can pick up for small intervals so that I am able to care for the kids. hehe! I don't need anything that will make my head hurt right now. There was minor language and some "make-out" scenes but nothing inappropriate.

Rating: ***** 5 Stars

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