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Desktop Monday 12/19/11

Is anyone excited to see which books have arrived on my desk this week? There are some that look pretty exciting!! :)

Voices of the Dead by Peter Leonard
This one won't be published until January but the author went ahead and sent me an epub copy and will send me a paper copy later. :)
Here is what amazon says about it, "Detroit, 1971. Harry Levin, scrap metal dealer and holocaust survivor, learns that his daughter has been killed in a car accident. Travelling to Washington DC, he's told by Detective Taggart that the German diplomat, who was drunk, has been released and afforded immunity; he will never face charges. So Harry is left with only one option - to discover the identity of this man, follow him back to Munich and hunt him down. The first of a two-hander, Peter Leonard's new novel is a classic cat-and-mouse thriller. Told with swagger, brutal humour and not a little violence, it follows a good man who is forced to return to the horrors of his past."

 An Anthem for the Battle Lands by Michelle Scott
This was a complimentary copy from the author and here is the description from Goodreads:
"Desperate to maintain their superiority, Magicians are fighting to keep machinery and inventions out of the hands of their serving class, the commons. To this end, the Magicians have waged a war -- a terribly destructive, magical war -- against any and all who dare to allow the unmagical commons to improve their lives through mechanical means.In the midst of this terrible battle, a small group of commons struggles to survive. They make their living by serving the dead, charging five cents to dig a grave, sew a shroud, and ring a peal. And in a land decimated by war, plague, and famine, they have plenty of work.pWhen the group meets a charismatic man by the name of William Rufflit and learns that he is working to build a militia of commons armed with his terrifying new invention -- the fyrestick -- they feel something they haven't experienced in a long time; hope. But what they don't realize is that Rufflit may not be their savior after all. He may, in fact, be an enemy even more fearsome than the one they are already facing."

 Five Skills Between Confusion and AHA! by Guinevere Durham
This is a complimentary copy from the author and I'm actually really excited about it. My major is elementary education and I always complain b/c people teach kids information instead of how to learn the information. So... I think this will be interesting! :)
Here is the Goodreads' description, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” (Chinese Proverb) By the same premise, teach children the facts and you prepare them for the test. Teach them HOW TO LEARN the facts and you prepare them for a lifetime. In this age of technology, the teacher’s role is no longer that of presenter, lecturer, or the authority on the material. Today’s teacher is the mentor, guide, facilitator, and supporter. The educator who teaches the facts is now obsolete; now in place is the educator who teaches the student HOW TO LEARN the facts. Teaching methods include the five skills needed in order to LEARN HOW TO LEARN, culminating in being able to access, assess, analyze, and add up all the facts to form a conclusion. This is accomplished through the many avenues of technology.
Five Skills Between Confusion and AHA! identifies explains, and illustrates the competencies needed for this process:
Logic, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Investigating, and Experimenting. The skills may be used either independently of or in collaboration with each other. The learning style of the child, left-brained/right-brained and visual/auditory/kinesthetic modality, is also explained. Five Skills Between Confusion and AHA! is written for both educator and non-educator and provides material to use at home, in a classroom, or in the world.
Educator = everyone in the child’s circle who has a stake in teaching the child HOW TO LEARN for a lifetime."

 Arrows of Desire by Sandra Adickes
This was a complimentary copy sent to me from the author.
The following description comes from Goodreads,
"Arrows of Desire chronicles the triumphs and heartaches of three generations of the working-class Benton family as they struggle for Parliamentary reform and social progress in nineteenth-century England."

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