Review Policy

I love to read and I love hearing from authors, publishers and publicists. Please, feel free to contact me with books you would like for me to review. Because of the new regulations I decided I should probably go ahead and get a review policy typed up.
What will I review?
I will review almost anything. I will not review erotica, text books, or anything with excessive profanity but I am open to review almost anything else. I read all types of fiction, biographies, poetry, and self help books. I also review books by indie authors.
What should you expect if I review a book?
I generally review 2-3 books per week so I will review it. There may be a month wait or so but I am normally pretty flexible. If you need it reviewed by a certain date then I will consider it. When I review a book, I write my own blurb on the book. I sum it up in my own words and do not copy the jacket. Then I write a paragraph of my own personal feelings on the book and I will be honest. I will not tear up the author and if there is any criticism to be had then I try to make it as constructive as possible.
Where do I post my reviews?
I post my reviews on my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble and LibraryThing. If you have somewhere special you would like for me to post a review then I will consider that as well.
Will I review Children's books?
Of course I will! I actually review them on Saturdays. The only thing that I do a little differently is I read them out loud to my children and then I post their thoughts on it and rank it accordingly.  

*Additionally, if you'd like Winnie (an actual child) to review a book then please send the info to me (Renee) and just let me know you'd like for Winnie to review it. If you would like, we could both read and review your book. You just have send the request through me. Thanks!

I love it when authors want to guest post, participate in interviews or offer giveaways. I often offer giveaways of my own copies. I will also supply links of the preferred location to buy a book or to authors' personal blogs/websites if desired.
All the content on my blog is my own but you are welcome to post my reviews in other locations as well as long as you link back to my site. I would also appreciate an e-mail letting me know where you posted my review.
Creative Commons License
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